Talent Pool

We Aggregate, Track, Contact, and Nurture Talent Leads.

Recruiting has always been about relationships, but with the advent of social professional networks and the rising emphasis on recruiting passive talent – professionals who aren’t looking for new opportunities, and who make up approximately 80 percent of the fully-employed Resources – the focus on cultivating candidate relationships has never been more intense.

Talent Pool Pipelining is the biggest challenge today and in our constant effort to build the Talent Pool , We must say that we actively engage with the Passive Talents.

Successful sourcing often starts with a focus on passive talent, and finding ways to not only identify and connect with them, but to keep them engaged over an extended period of time.

A well implemented talent pooling strategy in place has made us from being just ‘Sourcers’ to Facilitators and has enabled many potential candidates to demonstrate their skills – not solely on their past experiences .

Concerted efforts are in place in building an Effective Talent Pipeline and we call them as Future Fits.

Our Quality policy aims in hiring Quality talent and reduction of cost and time ratio while mandating deliverables.