Payroll Outsourcing – Processing – Management and Administration

We know that running a business is not an easy task. That’s why we are here. By providing you a comprehensive service in payroll, you can say goodbye to extra time spent administering your payroll.

In a Nutshell, When the Costs of Non Compliance significantly outweighs the cost of maintaining Compliance, Stringz comes to forefront in handling the Regulatory issues diligently and all the more you can focus on more important things, like, running your business improving your Bottomline and Enhancing your Topline.

With outsourcing, all level of staff in your company will enjoy some form of benefits and convenience.

1. For the Management

Real-time management reports

Attain cost savings by reducing capital investments

Strengthen internal control and planning

Reduce turnover, rehiring and retraining

2. For the HR Department

Reduce tedious and time consuming administrative work

More time to focus on productive and strategic HR work

3.For the Line Managers

Convenient and flexible reporting options

Updated staff information for management decision making

4.For the Employees

Fast and accurate access to information

We Provide Payroll Services using the most Trusted and Secured Payroll software, that is so user friendly which makes it powerful and reliable.

Automated recruitment and payroll system – “The Zero Error” Computing system that facilitates on-time and accurate delivery.

Our Payroll Software comes with the Latest “Cloud Computing Technology” the Emerging Sector and the Collaborative Services of the Time.

The above applications are hosted in our secured servers, workstations, networking equipment and operating systems with proper backup devices.

All data sent to Client in relation to employees’ information will be encrypted to protect confidentiality status.

Our Payroll Software’s USP features the unique option where your Employees can use the MTW option to check their pay slip on their mobile every month.