Employer Value Proposition ( EVP)

It is our stern belief that unless Employer Branding is advocated, the output reduces resulting lower or lesser Turnout of Resources for an Offer solicited as an Expression of Interest.

We at Stringz activate the Employer Branding Button during the course of Validation and Via a Robust Social Media Tools and monitor influencers that discuss your Brand, Product, , Competitor , Future Growth, Future Plans , Investments, Diversifications, Proposed New Challenging Projects on the anvil most frequently.

Our Cavalry is on a continuous Mission on conversations to build a Loyal brand for your Organisation relentlessly.

Our Experience goes to show that nearly 70% of the Prospective Resources have been engaged by implementing EVP Programmes.

Needless to say, we become the Brand Ambassadors for Your Organisation and we input EVP as a “Value Added Service” for you.