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Temporary Staffing :

Our comprehensively vetted recruitment process over 7 years in the industry has equipped us to recruit the right candidates for your company.Our vast experience in the field and contract staffing facilities ..



Permanent Recruitment :

Stringz is one among the first staffing company in India to have a recruitment team dedicated only for permanent staffing. We are also well complemented by a Domain..



Payroll Outsourcing :

We provide a complete payroll management solution, with dedicated payroll specialists and a cost effective processing system.The services we provide in payroll processing are as follows.



Training & Development :

Employee responsiveness is the key to success of any organisation in todays market. This responsiveness in turn is driven by the level of preparedness of these employees...



Regulatory Compliance Services:

The labour law complainces needed for Indian companies are endless; organizations can spend a significant amount of time ensuring that they are compliant with all these provisions, with no guarantee of full compliance. The following are some among the endless laws the companies have to comply to

Stringz is a HR sevice provider based in Cochin, Kerala. Established in 2006, Stringz provides corporate clients a one stop solution for all their staffing and HR requirements; offering a gamut of services. Over the years we have emerged as a preferred service partner to a majority of leading Indian and multi-national companies. We are a job consultancy that provides services .

Hot Jobs:

Marketing Lead for leading online branding firm in Cochin


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